End of Life


  • Living Tribute
  • Eulogy
  • Funeral Wishes

When someone is moving towards the end of their life, they often think about financially planning for their own funeral to save their family and friends the cost. It can also bring peace of mind.

In the same way, it is now more common for people to want to talk to a professional about their funeral wishes and have them recorded as they feel unable to discuss this sensitive subject with their loved ones. Research has shown that family and friends get comfort organising a funeral where they know clearly the wishes of their loved one.

Moving and meaningful Funeral Ceremonies

Funerals are for the living…but they honour the deceased.

When a loved one passes, a funeral serves as a tribute to a life well lived. However, it is also an important way for those left behind to start the grieving process.

There is so much to arrange, so much to do and so many decisions to make. As a Celebrant I work with families coming to terms with their loss, offering support and guidance to help them create a meaningful ceremony that truly honour and celebrate unique personalities and accomplishments of the life of their loved one. Planning a ceremony is not something we do often in our lifetime. You may have a clear idea of music, readings, poems and rituals that you may like to include, but you may be feeling unsure of what to do. I will talk about your loved one with you, about their life, achievements, likes, dislikes, good and bad times, funny moments and sad moments. Together, we will write a story and it will be as unique as we all are. I will draft the Eulogy and then we can work through it together until it is perfect. I will then prepare the Order of Service and present you with a bounded copy for you to keep. I will work with you, your family and chosen Funeral Director to ensure that everything happens as smoothly as possible on the day.

Direct Cremations/Memorial Services/Celebration of Life

Direct Cremations are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the likes of David Bowie who chose it as a “no fuss farewell”. But, sadly, that is exactly what it is! It is a cremation with no funeral service, no ceremony performed beforehand and no attendees (friends or family). This option would still need to be discussed with your chosen funeral director and it would also be worth checking with them that they will still be able to offer you the guidance and support during this time.

The ashes may then be returned to the family to do with as they wish. This is when they choose to have a Memorial Service or a Celebration of Life that reflects your loved one’s personality can be arranged. It can be as unique as you like. These are usually held in someone’s house, garden or outdoor venue. People tend to dress in brighter colours, the Eulogy is more upbeat, heartwarming and funny. There is generally a touch of humour, funny songs or poems. A Celebration of Life does not have to be straight after the Cremation, it can be held on birthdays, anniversaries or special milestone events.